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2017 Booster Meeting Schedule - Tuesday Evenings at 6 PM

February 7, 2017 @6 PM     March ​7, 2017 @6 PM     April 4, 2017 @6 PM     May 2, 2017 @6 PM


Music Boosters

Community support is the cornerstone of every great music program in public schools! We cannot hope to achieve success without the help of our volunteer community. Contact Mr. Baxter to find out more about becoming an official "band-aide" of the Estero Instrumental Music Program!

We utilize Charms to keep track of student & parent info, fair share accounts, points earned and much more!  Use the instructions to the left to get access to your account now!  If you have any trouble, please contact Mr. Baxter right away.

Rhonda Harper, President

Amy MacDonald, Secretary
Melissa McCann, Treasurer
Jeannie Peters, Fundraising Coordinator

The Parent & Chaperone Handbook


Booster Board

How can

you help?

​Are you good at measuring and sizing? All band students get sized for uniforms every year.
​All that sideline ensemble equipment and any props must be put into place and then removed after each performance.
​Every home football game and many events throughout the school year are opportunities for us to fund raise via concession stands. If you can help prepare food, sell it or both, give us a shout!
Students need constant monitoring at all events. We always need help to ensure their safety and our continued success!
Music programs are some of the most poorly funded in public education. We are constantly on the look out for great fundraisers that will help offset dues payments and assist students in-need!
​There is money out there, but the competition for it is great. Are you an experienced grant writer? We could surely use your help!
Do you run a small business? Have a business degree? If you're willing to help us out in running the business side of the music program, we'll throw you a parade. Probably a small one, however, unless we're raking it in from fundraising.
It is not unusual for students to get a variety of injuries, from twisted ankles and bumps from flag poles, to sun burn, dehydration and more.​​
The EHS Music Boosters are a fully incorporated entity in the State of Florida and, as a result, we are always looking for help with the legal side of things. No one wants a call from the IRS!
It takes a lot to keep track of all of our students! You can volunteer your time by entering information into Charms! ​​​