Estero High School Music

The Wind Symphony

The Estero High School Wind Symphony is an advanced, audition-only ensemble that strives for a higher level of performance of wind band literature. This course is designed for advanced wind players and percussionists who exhibit excellence in performance, attitude and musicianship. With these qualities, the Wind Symphony performs a Fall Concert, a Winter Concert at the FBA District 18 Music Performance Assessment, a Spring Concert and other events in the community. The Wind Symphony rehearses during class time in addition to occasional after school rehearsals. Auditions are held toward the end of each school year. Materials and further information can be found here and through local Middle School Directors.

Estero High School

Instrumental Ensembles

Estero High School offers many co-curricular options to challenge and elevate the musicianship of all students. Each ensemble offers an opportunity for leadership development, academic advancement and multiple performances throughout the school year. We highly encourage all students with instrumental experience to explore of the ensembles below. If you're interested in more information, email Mr. Baxter:

The Wildcat Sinfonia

The Estero High School Wildcat Sinfonia is open to any student with a middle school education in strings. The Sinfonia is an intermediate orchestra striving to grow into an advanced ensemble. Students perform music from various genres and musical time periods including Classical, Romantic, 20th Century, Popular and Contemporary. The Sinfonia is attending the 2017 FOA District 18 Music Performance Assessment for the first time this year. Additional yearly performances include a Fall Concert, Winter Concert, Spring Concert and other community events as they arise.

The Wildcat Jazz Band

The Wildcat Jazz Band is an intermediate to advanced performing ensemble at Estero High. Each spot in the Wildcat Jazz Band is unique, so earning a seat in the ensemble can be quite competitive. The Jazz Band performs at most school concerts and at various events in the community throughout the school year.

The Concert Percussion Ensemble

The Concert Percussion Ensemble is an opportunity for any student at Estero High to expand his or her musical knowledge and musicianship through performance. Percussion technique is taught on all major instruments, expanding each players' knowledge of various percussion instruments. Large chamber pieces consisting of 15-20 players and smaller works utilizing 5-6 players keep content and curriculum varied throughout the school year. The Concert Percussion Ensemble performs at most school-based concerts and in the FBA District 18 Solo & Ensemble Festival.

The Concert Band

The Concert Band is open to all Estero High School students and generally performs several times throughout year. The primary focus of this ensemble is to enhance each student's musical training in an effort to prepare them to become top quality musicians. Prior experience on an instrument is highly recommended, as the majority of these students have played for at least three years. Participation in the Concert Band strives to prepare students for auditioning into the Wind Symphony. As a result, many freshmen and beginner musicians begin their large ensemble experience here, before moving on. We hope to see this ensemble grow over the next few years so we may participate in the FBA District 18 Music Performance Assessment.